I both love this kitchen and feel like it would give me a headache if I sat in it for more than five minutes.

Those corn curtains are dope af, though. (via The CBC)
Those corn curtains are dope af, though. (via The CBC)

Canadian couple Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton are both huge Simpsons fans, so when it came to redoing their 1950s-era kitchen, they realized that it would be really easy to make it mimic Marge's kitchen from the show. Now they're starting a total redo of their kitchen in awesome-but-eye-tiring Simpsons colors. The good news for other people who want to do a similar redesign is that the redo has been cheaper than a couple of case of Duff (probably); the couple simply covered many of the existing surfaces with contact paper, and you can buy the corncob fabric to make your own curtains on Spoonflower.

You can see more of the kitchen and watch Andreychuk talk about the redesign in this video:

Sources: CBC News