Acting is a fine art that requires an innate and indescribable sensibility, which must be why Hollywood cares so much about looks. Whether it was to match the physical norms of Hollywood or for the sake of method acting, these eight actors hit the gym harder than you ever will—just to prepare for beefy, lucrative roles onscreen.

1. Jason Segel

Towards the end of the long-running How I Met Your Mother, there seemed to be a general change in audience attitude towards Jason Segel; as in, people started to realize how attractive he was. This could have been aided by Segel's muscular development, which was spurred by his 2014 film Sex Tape.

Fortunately, his pillowy lips did not lose any mass.

2. Chris Pratt

The man once known for playing a lovable, fluffy doofus on Parks & Rec became a lovable, chiseled doofus in preparation for his role in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt mirin.

3. Paul Rudd