As you watch Back to the Future 2 tonight in celebration of "Back to the Future Day," keep an eye on the bad guy, Biff Tannen. You can't miss him: he's a loud, misogynistic multi-millionaire with a comb-over who refers to himself as “America’s greatest living folk hero.” Hmmm, sound like anyone we know?

Make America Biff Again!

This is going to come as a shock to some of the haters and losers out there, but it’s true: Donald Trump was the inspiration for Marty McFly's nemesis. In an interview with The Daily Beast, screenwriter David Gale confirms that, yes, that hairstyle was deliberate.

He's that Biff y'all love to hate.

“We thought about it when we made the movie! Are you kidding?” he says. “You watch Part II again and there’s a scene where Marty confronts Biff in his office and there’s a huge portrait of Biff on the wall behind Biff, and there’s one moment where Biff kind of stands up and he takes exactly the same pose as the portrait? Yeah.”

Sources: Daily Beast