Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently in the middle of an incredibly acrimonious and sad divorce, but… remember the good times? You know, the good times, when Pitt was cheating on his then-wife Jennifer Aniston to hook up with Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith back in 2004.

Us Weekly remembers, and got the scoop from the Jolie-Pitt's old bodyguard about what the atmosphere was like on the set of that perfectly fine sexfest. In a word: hormonal.

"[Angelina] and Brad were constantly laughing and flirting with each other and acting like two school kids who had the hots for each other, and it was so cute. I caught them several times in each other’s trailers making out," the bodyguard told the magazine. "I wasn't shocked at all when they got married years later."

Brangelina even reportedly used this bodyguard to slip notes to each other. Notes that were, shockingly, "sexual in content."


Now, of course, they don't have those same feelings anymore. And we'll just have to wait another decade to find out what's really going on between them, when another disgruntled bodyguard inevitably becomes a vague entertainment "source."