Makes sense that Texas has a (sort of) sequel movie, having had six flags and all.
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People love maps, especially redditors like this guy who seem to make new and informative ones for the Internet every day. I'll give you a moment to look only at your state and think for a minute about whether they chose the right one.


Now, as I'm sure you're already jumping out of your seat to tell me, very little of Fargo takes place in North Dakota. However, Wikipedia only lists 12 films as taking place in North Dakota. The most recognizable of which (besides Fargo) was Leprechaun. So, Fargo gets a pass.

Also, this is based on IMDb ratings, and while we all love IMDb, we also all know that the ratings are made by bored dudes in college dorm rooms (I'm not exaggerating AT ALL - see below), so if you think there was a better movie in your state and it wasn't a really popular box-office hit that still resonates in the living memory of men under 30, you're probably right.

That being said, it's a really cool map. Also, it makes more sense now why blowing up Delaware would restart the world in Fight Club: all the credit card companies (and a lot of others) live there. 

Here's the brotastic IMDb list, for the curious:

Sources: redditor Jakubisko