How come one guy is Luke and Anakin, but Harry is just Harry?
(First few seconds are hard to hear... just keep going)

Let's bow down in our big, billowy Jedi robes and take our big, wizardy hats off to Australian filmmaker brothers Michael and Danny Philippou, also known as RackaRacka on YouTube (where they describe themselves as "wannabe filmmakers"). Of course, I don't need to tell them that, since this video answering the question of whether Harry Potter or a Jedi would win in a fight has already RackaRack-ed in 5.8 million views since coming out a few days ago.

A lot of filmmakers are wannabes when it comes to creating the kind of heart-pounding action these guys manage to convincingly pull off (I was nervous about that falling bookcase!), not to mention their special effects. Personally, I gotta wonder whether a less scrupulous wizard would have just avada kedavra'd this thing right from the get-go, but Harry's always been one for a fair fight. Also: where's my patronus? Getting soft in your retirement, Harry.

Also, the Star Wars guy has two hands that seem to be made of flesh. Neither Anakin or Luke have two real hands for most of their Jedi lives (keep in mind that Luke is still going 30 years later with his robo-hand, as we shall soon see). In fact, Anakin/Vader gets his hands chopped off no less than 3 times in the movies (5 if you include the now-defunct Expanded Universe). 

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