I haven't processed my emotions concerning this new reboot of the Vacation franchise, with Ed Helms picking up the Griswold mantle as the adult version of Rusty, and Christina Applegate as his wife:

It's not that Helms didn't play Rusty Griswold in the original National Lampoon's Vacation. That was Anthony Michael Hall. There were four Vacation movies and four separate sets of Griswold kids, so it's actually kind of fitting that they recast the role once again. Plus, Helms is a lot funnier than Hall, and that's what's really important.

What bothers me a bit is how much it seems to be leaning on the original films. A good chunk of this trailer is actually footage from the 1983 original. Plus, it's referencing jokes, recycling music and lifting the road-trip-to-Wally-World plot. The fact that the nostalgia here is so much stronger than the humor is kind of a red flag.


That said, I am somewhat intrigued by the fact that the stand-in for Christie Brinkley becomes road kill almost immediately, while the stand-in for Randy Quaid is a practically naked, remarkably well-endowed Chris Hemsworth. That says something about society. I think. Maybe? Or perhaps it just says something about how much even straight dudes like looking at Thor's physique.