So many horror movies involve misogynistic aspects, with female characters written as morons on the receiving end of horrific abuse. It can be hard for a woman to watch sometimes! Here are 7 horror movies that will make your fella cringe for a change.


1. Teeth (2007)

Teeth is a classic in the "Make Your Boyfriend Extremely Uncomfortable" Department, because it's a horror/black comedy about the mythical vagina dentata. Dawn, a very religious high school student who believes in waiting to have sex until after marriage, meets a nice boy with the same beliefs—or so she thinks. They both find out a little too late that (spoiler alert) Dawn is unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) afflicted with a toothed cooter.

2. The Deer Woman (2005)

Here's another horror-comedy about another mythical beast. This one's not technically a movie; it's an hour-long episode written and directed by John Landis from the Showtime series Masters of Horror series. Police investigating a possible animal attack after a male truck driver is found trampled to death (starting in the groin) soon find another victim, also with hoof marks, who had been seen just before dying with the same beautiful woman as the trucker. Guys, remember—always try to get a look at her legs.