In an interview with The Independent, Once director John Carney chatted about his Begin Again (a 2013 musical rom-com) star Keira Knightley. Carney did not follow the adage that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Instead, he started off by talking about the positive reviews for his new movie, Sing Street. "[I]t’s a small personal movie with no Keira Knightleys in it. It’s really rewarding," he said.

The failed musician.  
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Carney's second slight against Knightley revolved around her entourage.

I like working with actors and I wanted to come back to what I knew and enjoy film-making again – not that I didn’t enjoy Begin Again but Keira has an entourage that follow her everywhere so it’s very hard to get any real work done, and so I was very ready to come back to Ireland and make films that nobody cared about who was in it or any of that crap.

The third hit was about Knightley's lack of singing prowess. "I think the real problem was that Keira wasn’t a singer and wasn’t a guitar player and it’s very hard to make music seem real if it’s not with musicians..." Ouch. "And as much as I tried to make it work I think that she didn’t quite come out as a guitar-playing singer-songwriter."