Everyone can agree that Titanic would have been a completely different movie if Kate Winslet didn't play Rose, so it's really strange to watch her audition for the role. Even stranger? Watching someone besides Leo act alongside her as Jack.

Complaints would be made.

In this clip of her original screen test, Winslet auditions for her role as Rose with Jeremy Sisto, the dude who played Elton in Clueless.

Elton? That would have been a bigger disaster than a giant boat crashing into an iceberg. You can't have an opposites-attract love affair when the guy who is supposed to be in steerage class just played the richest dude at Beverly Hills High. Don't you know who his father is???

You gotta give props to Winslet for nailing Rose despite the obvious limitations. Sisto is incredibly sincere in this take, but you just can't shake the Elton off of him. Jack falls in love with the hands of a French girl, Elton tricks girls into kissing him at parties.