The reason the word "awkward" was invented.

Granted, local morning show hosts like Denver's Chris Parente probably don't have the resources to watch every movie from every celebrity who give them a three-minute interview. So, Parente's crime in this clip from KWGN's Daybreak isn't that he pretended to have seen Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader's new movie, The Skeleton Twins.

It's that he pretended to have seen some other movie altogether:

The film he thinks he's talking to them about is Welcome to Me, which is about a woman who wins the lottery and does supposedly feature a full-frontal nude scene from Wiig. But that isn't getting a wide release for at least a couple months. Plus, it doesn't co-star Hader. So, there are multiple levels of wrongness at play here.

That said, even if she were there to promote Welcome to Me, it seems pretty highly doubtful that Parente asking Wiig to weigh in on his dong-dangling live TV fantasy would have been any less awkward.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Nate Daniels | h/t Uproxx