Perfect. Perfect in every way.

Shiny and chrome.

Redditor bensmends integrated his wheelchair into his costume for Dragon Con this week in Atlanta, and a convention attendee who witnessed him put him on the path to Internet Valhalla by snapping this pic. He rides in the front as Mad Max himself, chained to one of Immortan Joe's chariots, serving as a bloodbag. His getup is complete with a chrome warrior joining him along Fury Road. After his awesome creation went viral, bensmends responded, "Thank you all so much for all the support and comments! I am utterly speechless at how this cosplay has been spread, and honestly, all I can say is thank you for making this SO SHINY AND CHROME!" He also supplied another photo of a larger rig he brings to "more spacious cons":

Mad Max and his buddy are about to pull some mad tail.

Here are more pics from Ben, including a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the building process.