Suicide Squad is set to premiere on Friday, and if you've seen any of the trailers, you'll notice that Harley Quinn's outfit of choice includes a teeny-tiny pair of "shorts" and some fishnet stockings. Practical. But according to Bleeding Cool, Margot Robbie's booty shorts may show more or less booty depending which trailer you are watching. Check it out.


Yep, in the international trailers, Harley's buns are mostly covered.

Look at all the male characters looking at her butt! This movie will be great.

And in the trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic Con, Harley's shorts were much, much shorter.

Also, her jacket says "Property of the Joker." This'll be awesome for women.

So Bleeding Cool has theorized that the folks at Warner Brothers had someone digitally lengthen the shorts for the international version. And look, just call a spade a spade. Even with the digital alterations, those are still not shorts. They're hardly even underwear.