The empire sits back. (via Twitter)

Mark Hamill set reddit on fire this afternoon when he stopped by for an AMA session. What's amazing is after all these years of answering questions from obsessed Star Wars fans he hasn't lost his mind and had a Shatner on SNL moment. At least not in public.


His response to being asked why he never finished Jedi school.

Ha! I didn't know that i hadn't! Thats the problem, there are people who know more about the Star Wars universe than i do! people will scream at me if I get IG88's name wrong, on the movie it was just the medical droid. We called things the dust bin robot, we had pet names for things. People know so much more about it than i do.

I didn't go to proper Jedi school, I was just tutored by Obi-Wan and Yoda, that was the closest thing to school. Then i dashed off against obi's wishes, he didn't think i was ready. He was probably right.

On his experience playing himself on The Simpsons.

It was wonderful, I was such a fanboy, to know all of these characters from the show and then see them in person doing all these voices. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. On one hand, I wanted to be on the Simpsons, but on the other hand they said I’m playing myself. I became very self conscious. I asked, if I do this, can I play someone besides myself? There's a good trivia question: in the episode 'Mayored to the Mob,' who else do I play besides Mark Hamill?

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