Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.

Right now, as you read this, there are Internet People losing their minds because Marvel Comics is making a young, black woman the new Iron Man. You know who you are.


Here's a hot take: if you are one of those gentle souls who don't think this idea is awesome, then I humbly suggest you take a warm Epsom salt bath. They're relaxing! Then, afterwards, nuke some bagel pizzas. Self-care is important.

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but in this instance, there is only one right opinion: giving a beloved superhero a fresh update is good for fans... and those who should be fans.

Due to events in this summer's Civil War II comic book miniseries, Tony is stepping down (spoiler? I guess?). In his place steps Riri Williams, a super genius Tony has known since she was a teenager. So now she's Iron Man, even though that name may change. Iron Woman? Iron Lady? No, no, that was Margaret Thatcher, the grandmother of the Brexit. Hmmm. Iron Person? This is a fun game! Anyway, gender is fluid.