Ugh. The seasons are changing. Here we go again.

It's almost fall which means it's almost winter which means if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you will soon become a depressed, unmovable flesh-sack stored on a couch until April 2016. There is, however, hope. You have access to millions of movies, thanks to the Internet.


If you're looking for what movie to watch when the weather gets you down, here's a list of what to try.

1. The Truman Show

Does it feel like the world is conspiring against you? Are you in a funk because each day is more predictable than the last? Maybe you're unknowingly inside a TV show based around your life! Or maybe you just need to break out of all your old habits and go see the world. That's all Truman needed. Watch this one, and break free!

2. Fight Club

If you're really trying to snap out of your funk, maybe consider joining a club that eventually becomes an anarchist organization... Or watch this movie and join a book club maybe. Either way, Tyler Durden is here not to enable your sad self-pity all winter, but to make you do something with all your rotten feelings. Embrace the darkness and watch this movie four or five times in a row until you don't want to punch everyone you see (or you want to punch them more).

3. Hotel Rwanda

If you're ever thinking you have it worse than anyone, and if it were just warm enough to go for a walk and be alone with your thoughts, let this little movie remind you that many people have it worse. A lot worse. Holy shit. In fact, if you live in any developed country where there aren't genocides, count yourself lucky and cheer up.