It's not ordered by whininess, or everything Luke says would be first.

Painstakingly cataloging every single word in Star Wars and then re-editing it into a continuous 43-minute stream of alphabetical words may seem like an undertaking too difficult to be worth attempting, but artist Tom Murphy apparently took Yoda seriously when he said, "Do do is no not or there try."

Using the 2004 Special Edition ("to troll Han-shot-first purists," said Murphy), this incredibly abstract and obtuse remix also lists the frequency of every single word in the film (repeated words are displayed chronologically) both on screen and in a little graph at the bottom. Murphy also included some fun trivia he discovered while making it:

- The word "lightsaber" appears only once.
- There are 81 minutes and 39 seconds of not-dialogue in the film.
- The most common word was "the," with 368 mentions.
- "You" hogged the most time, though, at 52.56 seconds of film.
- There are 1695 distinct words, and 11684 words altogether.
- The longest words (at 14 letters apiece) were, in alphabetical order, "identification," "malfunctioning," "responsibility," and "worshipfulness."

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