In the 39 years Star Wars has spent dominating American pop culture, none of it has meant a damn thing until now. Vimeo user Weston Wong created a mash-up of the galactic space opera and the Kenny Loggins classic "Danger Zone," and it works. The song was originally written for and made famous by Top Gun, the 1986 film about Naval aviators and sexually-charged volleyball that used "Danger Zone" thrice throughout its runtime. Replacing Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer with Rebel Alliance pilots turns out astoundingly well, though the homo-erotic undertones are sadly lost in translation.


Here's the original video for "Danger Zone." The parallels are nuts.

One's a sci-fi epic, and the other is a cocaine-fueled trash fire, yet both sets of footage overlaid with Kenny Loggins' crooning appear as though they could take place in the same universe.

If you plan on rewatching Top Gun for its 30th anniversary this week, it may be worth playing the Star Wars soundtrack over it to see if this works as well the other way around. Judging by Wong's mash-up, it probably would.

Sources: Weston Wong