No one likes the "Star Wars" prequel films, except probably George Lucas, who presumably spends most of his time arguing in the comments section on negative YouTube videos about his movies. In honor of May the 4th, here are 9 real comments on the following YouTube video from people that are, in all likelihood, actually George Lucas


 1. Someone calling themselves Sabrefang477 says:

OK, dont kill me but I LIKE THIS MOVIE

funny vid tho

Ok, George. Nice try.

2. That didn't work. So ​Gabgab16 Playz (obviously George Lucas) writes: 

so I never really knew why everyone hates jar jar I actually really like him

Of course you like him, you wrote him you traitorous hound. You know.

George is getting upset.

3. George has had a couple glasses of wine and logs on as Gandalfwiz2007.

i think you fanboys hate the prequels way to much....

They're were your fanboys, George. They were.