You'll feel like you're the fourth!

With today's rerelease of Titanic in 3D, and George Lucas's recent effort to make Star Wars movies just a little worse for a new generation, we're realizing that it's only matter of time before every movie gets the 3D conversion treatment. We put together this list of movies we respectfully ask Hollywood to leave in their untouched, 2D state, since most of them were hard enough to watch in that format anyway.


You'll sink in your seat to duck under the flying flayed savior flesh.


Pop on those glasses and feel like you're being poked in the eye by Mariah Carey's mustache.


It would be like we're right there in the bar not helping.


We don't even want a 3D Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie when he isn't masturbating.


You'll drop your popcorn as the genocide comes flying off the screen.


We'd take 3D over Smell-O-Vision, but still seems unnecessary.


It would feel like we're right there in the movie as the terrible decisions fly around us.


Granted, the "waiter uncorking the bottle of wine" sequence deserves an upgrade, but the rest might be a little gimmicky.


If you don't know what the secret is, 3D isn't the way you want to find out.