An aspiring Jedi named Colin wrote this letter to George Lucas, addressing his greatest concern.

He signed it "Love!" If anyone deserves to be happily married, it's this kid. (via GeekDad)


Just this morning, I wrote about a baby who was clearly already falling to the dark side. Now, here's a kid who's more light side than Obi-Wan himself. Seven-year-old Colin dreams of becoming a Jedi Knight when he's older, but there's a problem. He's no dummy, and he knows that according to the rules of the Jedi Order, Knights are not allowed to marry, because it's an attachment to the physical world and puts them at risk of falling to the dark side. He doesn't want to fall and become a Sith, but he also knows he wants to get married (born romantic).

To get answers, Colin went right to the source himself: George Lucas. He wrote this letter, addressed to Lucas at Lucasfilm:

Dear George Lucas,
I don't like that a Jedi cannot get married. I want to get married without becoming a Sith. Please change the rule.
P.S. I want to come to Skywalker Ranch please.
Love Colin

Of course, no one told Colin that Lucas is retired. Still, the good people at Lucasfilm didn't want to let him down, so they sent him a package containing free comic books, as well as a written response.

Colin's parents made this adorable video of him opening it:

And here's the letter:

With this blessing, he'll have no problem finding a wife. (via GeekDad)

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