Paramount's cowardice was...ineditable. Inevidable. Inetititle. INEDIDABLE!

America, fuck no! Don't do this, c'mon! Earlier today, I wrote about how, in the wake of The Interview being pulled by Sony, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Dallas was planning on screening Team America: World Police, the foul-mouthed, action-packed 2005 satire of American militarism, Hollywood elitism, and then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Trey Parker and Matt Stone's film, in case you've never seen it, also culminates in the (spoiler alert) grisly death of the Dear Leader of North Korea, and so made the perfect protest movie to screen after our nation's movie choices were censored by terrorists.


Enter the pantywaists over at Paramount Studios. The Alamo Drafthouse politely tweeted out that the screening would be canceled "due to circumstances beyond our control," but the Capitol Theater in Cleveland, as well as Deadline, were far more direct in assigning blame: it was Paramount, a studio which has not been targeted at all yet in these affairs.

A lot has changed regarding America's stance on terrorism since I was a kid, but the whole "we do not negotiate" thing has been constant since before I was born. Yes, this is not the government, but I thought we were all supposed to be reckless, indignant, freedom loving dicks (not a-holes). As this movie aptly points out, though, everyone in Hollywood is a pussy (watch the movie if you think I'm just being offensive, here). Sigh.

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