Thanksgiving weekend is a big one for movies, but here's a seven-second blockbuster that will leave you as impressed as most of what Hollywood puts out these days: cartoonist and Internet person Heather Christianson posted this video titled "My List of Favorite Movies" a few years ago, but for some reason it's going viral today. Well, the reason is that it's awesome, but why it took this long to explode is unknown:

That was so hard to write about without spoiling all the twists! Whew. But now that everyone's seen it, it can finally be discussed. Did you see that part? The part with the first twist? And then there was the other twist? Man, that was awesome. Oh, there's also something about #LNPPdating profiles but whatever that was clearly wound down years ago and seems unimportant. But how 'bout those twists?

Sources: h/t reddit