Zack Snyder is out promoting his new low-budget indie rom-com Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he's still receiving flack for his last film, 2013's Man of Steel. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Snyder responded to the persistent criticism of his Superman flick's high death toll by comparing it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which he argues massacred way more innocent people:

I went, really? And I said, well, what about ['Star Wars: The Force Awakens']?. In ‘Star Wars’ they destroy five planets with billions of people on them. That’s gotta be one of the highest death toll movies in history, the new ‘Star Wars’ movie, if you just do the math.


He has a point about The Force Awakens: no one wept for the billions obliterated in the Hosnian Star System, but a few hundred thousand Metropolis citizens get squished as Superman smashes Zod through office buildings, and everyone loses their minds!

The thing is, these concerned Superman fans aren't upset by the number of dead innocents; they care more that it was Superman who was responsible for their deaths. The iconic D.C. hero has always operated by a "no kill" rule, and Man of Steel, which featured Superman snapping a villain's neck with his goddamn hands, broke the lore to an apparently unforgivable extent.

Dark, gritty, and murderous is just how D.C. prefers to differentiate itself from Marvel's fun, rambunctious superhero fare. But Batman v Superman has the chance to make up for it in somewhere in that 2 hour, 33 minute run time; perhaps Superman could reverse time by spinning the Earth backwards and heal those nearly 400,000 victims (or prevent Man of Steel from being made) like he once did to reanimate Lois Lane's corpse.

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