21.) "I just got the goddamn baby to sleep, Lil Jon!"


20.) "No, seriously, Lil Jon, I'm begging you: do not accept a role in the new Garfield movie."

19.) "A guest has requested their bed be made. Well, it was your idea to open a B&B, Lil Jon!"

18.) "You're about to miss your off-ramp, Lil Jon!"

17.) "Jesus, Lil Jon, that's the fourth pair of laptop speakers you've blown out this month."

16.) "You pressured me into taking "Shots! Shots! Shots!" all last night, Lil Jon, and now I'm hungover. Don't scream "WHAT?!" at me. You know what you did."

15.) "We've received a noise complaint, Mr. Jon." 

14.) "Aliens have interrupted broadcast television, Lil Jon!"

13.) "There's too much feedback on that mic, Lil Jon." 

12.) "Lil Jon, that A/C is goddamn freezing!"

11.) "Chicken Butt." 

10.) "Do you even realize you're screaming all the time? I think you might have damaged your hearing, Lil Jon."

9.) "For charity, Lil Jon. Turn down for charity." 

8.) "Congratulations, Mr. Jon, you're caller 92! But we need you to turn off your radio so we can hear you."

7.) "That's "for whom," Lil Jon. And for whom is the President of the United States. Me. Barack Obama. Turn it down."