Great bands from yesteryear reunite all the time for a variety of reasons, from needing money for drugs and rent, to needing money for a liver transplant and aftercare. Most of the time, reunited bands are harmless fun. The musicians are able to make a few bucks doing what they love, while TMZ  is prevented from doing a story about a rock legend forced to stock shelves at Big Lot to make ends meet.


Everybody has a right to make a living, and most people with an opportunity to make money playing music would jump at the chance. However, as a music fan, I have a right to spout off like a tool about how living legends should run their business.  With that, I present five groups that should not put the band back together.

Lock up your grandmothers, Zeppelin is in town. (via)

5. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin were such an incredible rock band that people will never stop talking about them reuniting as long as two of the original members are still breathing under their own power. Zep's run of greatness was at a time when rock stars were still mysterious figures who lived in castles and reportedly did things with groupies that would be considered illegal today. Probably back then as well, it was just a lot easier to get away with it. Besides the music, all the average fan knew about Jimmy Page was that he lived in a castle and consumed drugs and alcohol the way you would expect from a guy wearing a dragon suit. Robert Plant was a rock god who possessed a head of hair that Samson would envy, and a dick that could not be contained by the strongest denim available at the time.