This is probably a pretty accurate re-enactment of his reaction.

Comedian Bill Burr is, among many other things, the host of the very popular Monday Morning Podcast. In this week's episode (at bottom), Burr went into a rant about raves. Specifically, he ranted about how terrible electronic dance music (EDM) is. Referring to it as "that DJ music," he then started doing an annoying hum and predicted that a club DJ would be able to turn it into a successful song. Well, one of his listeners, a Harvard-educated, world-touring DJ named Raffael De Luca, took him up on this challenge and made a head-bobbing club track that legitimately could be a hit song:


I'm not going to lie, I've just left his song on loop since I started writing this (not that it's easy to tell that it's on loop—it's EDM, after all). So, what did De Luca actually think about what Burr had to say? Well, as the DJ told Laughspin

"Bill Burr is dead on. It was refreshing hearing it come from an outsider’s perspective. I made this song in about 40 minutes to show how screwed up the EDM scene is and how little to no work needs to be done to make the songs.” 

I'm sure Burr thought it was hilarious (until he decided he couldn't stand it any longer, that is). Good work, Raffael. I've got some really good screeds about how much quirky hipster music from the 2000s sucks if any twee people out there want to turn it into a charming acoustic tune using anachronistic instruments. 

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