At a concert in Birmingham, UK on Tuesday night, singer/hero Adele continued her recent trend of lovable onstage stunts by inviting a special guest to join her in the spotlight. But this wasn't some boring, newly-engaged couple—this was a fan with an uncanny resemblance to the singer herself.

She's got the hair, the style, and the body language.
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Emily Bamforth came to the concert with her fiancé Tom Winkler, and was immediately mobbed in the crowd. Fans kept asking if she was Adele, because the "Hello" singer is so relatable, it's actually plausible she would just hang around in the audience before her concert started. Winkler was so blown away by the response, he tweeted at Adele about it.

Adele found out about the tweet, and figured she had to see this phenomenon for herself. She invited Bamforth to join her onstage during the show, causing the audience to melt down at the sight of two perfect angels standing next to each other. The pair even grabbed a selfie together.

Sources: h/t Popsugar