Clearly frazzled by the situation. Or some situation. (via Getty)

The story of missing Malaysian Airline flight 370 just got hotter and messier, because hot mess Courtney Love has not only joined the discussion but seems to think she may have located the plane. To be fair, lots of people without any expertise in the field of finding massive passenger jets that suddenly disappear without a trace have offered their opinions on the matter. It's just that, whether the topic is music, marriage or missing jets, you can bet the discussion will get significantly nuttier when Courtney joins the fray.

Early Monday morning, Courtney sent out a tweet saying "I'm no expert but up close this looks like a plane and an oil slick," along with a link to the satellite imaging site Tomnod with red arrows pointing to what appears to be not an airplane. The "I'm not an expert" was a good move, just in case anyone thought Courtney had spent the last several years as a Navy pilot. She also added "Prayers go out to the families" to show that even though her head is usually in the clouds, her heart is in the right place.

Based on the lackluster response, Courtney's findings didn't have many people convinced, so she tweeted out another pic with more evidence in the form of red arrows and the words "oil" and "plane."

That tweet seemed to strike a chord with Courtney's fans, who judging by the Twitter feedback, seem to be following her more for amusement than for her marine forensic skills.

Considering the amount of confusing information offered by people who should know better, I really hope that Courtney has found the plane. Because A) the mystery would be solved, and B) the next time an aircraft goes missing, we could be watching cable news and hear the words "My next guest is the former crazy-pants singer of Hole..."

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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