A drunk guy was crying at a Foo Fighters show and now he has story to tell literally everyone he ever meets.

Grohl going hard in crutches and homemade half-jorts. (via YouTube)

Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters front man who is touring in ultimate rocker style despite his on-stage injury, just keeps doing great things at his concerts. I mean, the guy is on stage with crutches and a cast, performing with the energy of a teenager who just started his first garage band. At a show in Colorado on Sunday, Dave noticed some drunk guy crying in the front row.

Instead of calling him out for being a over-emotional man-baby, Dave invited him to the stage. At first, the tearful dude tried to crowd surf, but he was either too drunk or too much of a square to pull it off. When he gets to the stage, he hugs Dave who advises him not to drive home. Then he is serenaded by the band and the entire audience during "Hero," and even joins in for a couple lines.

Sources: YouTube