It's well documented that Drake is the softest rapper out there, but the truth is, he's even softer than that. Drake has been singing about muffins.

Yes, Drake, yes.

On the outside, it seems Drake has been rapping about being sad over a woman or about the hardships of being rich, but just like the teeth you use to bite a muffin, it's all a front. Most music lyrics are really metaphors for the artist's inner thoughts and workings. For Drake, his inner thoughts are mostly just about baked goods. And those workings? Specifically, they're muffins. Consider these 18 examples:

1. "Started From The Bottom"

…Now we're bubbling over the top.

Most people eat their muffins starting from the top, and that's why they're not Drake. This is a song about delayed gratification, wherein he has already put in the hard work of eating the bottom of the muffin, and now he can finish off the experience by enjoying the textured, sugar-covered top.