"Look! Over there! It's a giant silo where everyone's dignity is stored!"

I am not a country boy, or a country music fan for that matter, but I enjoyed "Girl In A Country Song" by Maddie & Tae for several reasons: 1.) It's nice to see good ol' boys get spanked and made to serve lemonade and all the other not-so-good 'ol stuff that Southern belles inexplicably put up with, 2.) Ain't no one can argue against a fat man in some Osh-Koshes, and finally 3.) There were lots of pretty girls in the video. What?

Now, country music certainly isn't the only genre of music known for being patronizing or downright objectifying in its treatment of women—all of them are, unless I'm mistaken. Maybe polka is super-progressive, I don't know. But Country sure does talk about the women as if it worships them the most, which makes the non-stop Daisy Dukes and button-downs tied under the cleavage a lot more ironic.

Someone get this guy a modeling contract. His raw magnetism is a pacemaker hazard.

We'll never be equal until everyone in all music videos are wearing unbuttoned overalls. Science fiction got the fancy unisex jumpsuits wrong—denim is still the fabric of the future.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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