This might be a tad too funky for Carlton's taste.

The theme to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has got to be one of the most iconic television themes of the 1990s. You might not think that you know every word to the song, but once it starts playing, I'll bet you find yourself humming along. It's so catchy and memorable, I halfway suspect that there's some kind of mind-controlling program embedded in it and that one day Will Smith will go on national television, say a trigger word and turn us all into his personal army of backup dancers.

Anyway, the fact that it's so memorable is what makes the above cover version from samuraiguitarist so compelling. It's always fun to hear a new version of an old song we know so well. Plus, there's always the hope that this version will wipe away the mind control coding.

And here's the original version to reinforce the programming:


Sources: samuraiguitarist | h/t Tastefully Offensive