Kidz Bop is the beloved franchise that features kids (and/or kidz) covering popular songs for, mostly, young kids/kidz to dance to at bar mitzvahs. So for the sake of the children, the grownups behind Kidz Bop clean up the lyrics to remove the sexual references and other adult subjects. By becoming vaguer, though, Kidz Bop songs sometimes become scary—and sometimes even more sexual.

Innuendo is so out.

1. Sean Kingston - "Fire Burning"

Original: "My pocket started tickling/The way she dropped it low that thang/Got me wanna spend my money on her, her."

Kidz Bop: "My hips started wiggling the way she danced around that girl/Made me want to dance with her all night, night."

Why it's creepy: Wiggling. WIGGLING? Danced around that girl. IT'S EVEN MORE SEXUAL THAN BEFORE.

2. Drake - "Hotline Bling"