Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden have a lot in common. Both have won a Tony award, hosted the Tony awards, and talk about the Tony awards every chance they get. Additionally, these two thespians try to sing pretty much any time they are on TV. So when it comes to determining who the better showman is, it only makes sense that they would lay it all on the line in a "Broadway Riff-Off." What is a Broadway Riff-Off, you ask? Whatever the opposite of a rap battle is.

Yeah, if you have a nerdy theater kid living inside your soul right now, they're about to freak out.

After throwing down verses of songs from Guys and Dolls to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the two leading men decided to call a truce and, in true musical theater fashion, buried the hatchet by singing a duet together. James Corden and Neil Patrick Harris seem like the last two people who should ever rap "My Shot" from Hamilton, but they nailed it.

It's only a matter of time before they costar in a big Broadway musical together.


P.S., shout out to that ethnically ambiguous a cappella group not only for sounding awesome, but also for having priceless facial reactions throughout the segment.