If you think about it, pink is the color of body entrails.

Here's a fun game to play while watching this video of some older dudes thrashing on a set of First Act Discovery children's musical instruments. Watch it for a few moments, and then close your eyes and just listen. Eyes open, eyes closed, watch, listen:

Eyes open: Two aging music dorks reliving their lost youths on some kids' mostly ignored instruments.

Eyes closed: A steel serpent crushing a man's skull in its tightening coils.

Eyes open: Little kids running through the room, oblivious to the profound nostalgia being dredged up by the men seated before them.

Eyes closed: A city full of screaming wretches run screaming through the streets while their city is engulfed in dragon fire from the brimstone skies.

Eyes open: A fleeting moment of unadulterated joyfulness.

Eyes closed: A leather bikini-clad woman crushes the windpipe of a squirming demon beneath the heel of her mud-encrusted boot.


Rock and roll, man. Rock and roll.

Sources: Frank Pasquale | h/t Digg