The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Wednesday that Prince was supposed to meet with an opioid addiction doctor on the day after he died. According to attorney William Mauzy, the singer had called Dr. Howard Kornfeld (Mauzy's client), a prominent addiction treatment specialist, on April 20 to help him deal with "a grave medical emergency.” Prince scheduled an appointment with the doctor at his Paisley Park estate for April 22, which was one day after he was found dead.

Prince's brother-in-law claimed he worked for 154 hours straight before he died.
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Speaking on behalf of Kornfeld, Mauzy said, "The plan was to quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan. . . The doctor was planning on a lifesaving mission." Kornfeld runs a treatment center in California and wasn't able to meet with Prince on April 21, so they set up an appointment for the following day.

In the meantime, Kornfeld sent his son, Andrew Kornfeld, who works with him, to Paisley Park in Minnesota, on April 21 so he could explain to Prince the plans for his treatment. But when Andrew arrived at the musician's estate at 9:30 on Thursday, he, along with two of Prince's representatives, discovered Prince's body in an elevator. Andrew Kornfeld was the one who called 911.