Strawberry Fields is probably one of the worst places in Central Park if you hate the song Imagine, because there's an acoustic guitarist constantly playing it in tribute to the late John Lennon there. Lennon was killed nearby at landmark building The Dakota in 1980, and a place for buskers to give away "free hugs" and sell carnations year-round in the park was born. October 9th of this year would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday. To honor his life, Yoko Ono organized a tribute to him at that sacred Beatles-themed spot.

Almost 2,000 people showed up to make the giant peace sign, which was also an attempt at getting into the book of Guinness World Records. They fell short, because the last record holder for number of people in a peace sign was about 5,000. Still, that's pretty good for New York: everyone here is waaaaaay too busy to give peace a chance. And who cares? It still looked beautiful:

Sources: h/t UpRoxx