It's too f*cking hot to leave your air conditioned living room this week. Here's how you should be passing your time instead:

1. Stranger Things, Netflix


It's the show that everyone on your Facebook feed is talking about, so jump on this thing before the conversation leaves you! I haven't watched it yet (I know, I need to)m but from what I understand it's set in the 1980s, it involves a Stephen-King-meets-Stephen Spielberg plot, and it revitalizes the career of beloved American icon Winona Ryder. Besides, are you going to watch a cheesy horror television show in the winter? Disposable television is what summer is for.

2. Tropic Thunder, HBOGo

Of all the "hard R" comedies that littered cineplexes in the mid-2000s, this might be the funniest. Featuring great performances by Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and especially Robert Downey Jr., it is particularly memorable for going right up to the edge of being offensive while always, somehow, getting away with it. It's leaving HBO in August, so if you haven't seen it yet, get on that.