Jaime attempts to walk Cersei's bassline.

There's something about the Game of Thrones theme that really struck a nerve with viewers. More than any other song from any other television show, people are really excited to pay it homage with their own versions. And there are a lot of other versions, about half of which are arrangements for acoustic guitar. Of the ones that aren't, about three-quarters are heavy metal versions. Even if you cut all of them out, there's still way more than you could ever listen to before winter arrives and sweeps us all away. So, for the good of the realm, I compiled this list of some of the strangest interpretations you're likely to find.


1. The Smooth Jazz Version

This version, from Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, couples two things that the laws of gods and men should never allow to couple: smooth, smooth jazz music and brutal medieval fantasy lore. Somehow though, no matter how wrong it seems, they just fit together so well. So, for that reason, we'll consider this to be the "Cersei and Jaime Love Theme." Makes you feel a little dirty, doesn't it? (via)

2. The Floppy Drive Version

They're pretty under-supplied up at the Wall, so they have to make do with whatever old and crappy junk the Seven Kingdoms sees fit to toss their way. For that reason, they're pretty resourceful. So, converting a bunch of useless floppy disk drives into a makeshift 8-piece orchestra, like MrSolidSnake745 did here, seems like something the Night's Watch would be into. (via)