Andy, you don't have to hold up his hand. He already knows he's a champ.

Well, I learned a lot of things today after watching Justin Theroux on Conan. I learned that I need to remember the name Justin Theroux, because he's the star of the new HBO series The Leftovers, which I have not seen yet, and I learned that women everywhere are talking about the way his dick bounces against his sweatpants like the guy in the 'Turn Down For What?' video.

"No, honey, it's a really good show. It has the total package!" (via Gawker)

Theroux went on Conan recently, and O'Brien had to (absolutely had to) ask him about his trouser cargo controversy. The women on Conan's staff were apparently demanding it, perhaps violently so. Maybe this is why we don't see much male nudity on TV (besides, y'know, living in a society that feels much more comfortable seeing women as objects)—women go crazy when you leave an outline for their imaginations. See: Jon Hamm or Idris Elba.