Warning: spoilers for season six Game of Thrones ahead, duh.

A recent Game of Thrones fan theory has some interesting thoughts about Cersei, her intentions, and her future. And while every episode opens up new opportunities for guess work and theories, this one actually draws on several clues from earlier seasons.


Cersei learned in the most recent episode that trial by combat is now outlawed, rendering her sure bet—The Zombie Mountain—as useless in her defense. Yet mad scientist Qyburn did bring her some good news: he looked into that thing they talked about, and there's plenty more of it. While they sound like mobsters speaking in code on pay phones, it's almost certain they were talking about stashes of wildfire leftover by the Mad King.

Reddit user Greys88 laid out one of the more convincing fan theories, that Cersei will burn some stuff to the ground using those hidden caches. At the very least, she'll target the Faith Militant (and perhaps much of King's Landing by accident). Viewers already know, from some of Bran's visions earlier this season, that the Mad King stored lots of wildfire around King's Landing. Apparently, Qyburn just confirmed that it's a whole bunch.

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