David Bowie, a human truly too good for this world, passed away at the age of 69 on Sunday, and tributes have been pouring out from fans around the world. Monday night on Conan, the eponymous host honored Bowie, going back into the archives to share clips of how fun and funny he truly was.

"People are remembering today what a phenomenal musician David Bowie was, and of course that was the case, he was just mind-blowingly talented," Conan said, "But in my experience, he was also an incredibly nice person. He was fun, he was always funny."

On the show, Bowie was not only funny and charming, but also showed off his impressions and musical improv abilities.


Another highlight in the Bowie-Conan chronicles are these deep and dark confessions, in which Bowie reveals the original lyrics to "Space Oddity" and what his true identity really is.

Sources: Conan