Rapper (and Degrassi star) Drake did double-duty on Saturday Night Live on May 14, and utilized both his music and comedy chops for an emotional monologue. 

In the vast weird place that is the Internet, Drizzy is known as much for his memes as he is for his music. The Canadian artist has Internet access, and apparently he's seen the Photoshop action around his dad dancing in "Hotline Bling," and more recently, Sad Drake sitting on Toronto's CN Tower on the Views cover.

Even he would have to admit that this one's pretty funny, though.

Whipping out his Rihanna impression (and staring into the camera with the puppy dog eyes he usually reserves for girls who used to call him on his cell phone), Drake croons a powerful song to show that he contains multitudes.

You have to see it to meme it.