If you have several million dollars to spare and are looking for a home that makes your neighbors say, "Wow, I sure hate the jerk that bought that place and didn't tear it down," then get ready to pop that champagne. For the first time in 19 years, the "Flintstone house" in Hillsborough, CA (a suburb of San Francisco) is up for sale. Named for its wacky Bedrockian exterior, the the home was built in 1976 and has long been considered an eyesore by the other Hillsboroughians.

No! That's totally not an eyesore. It looks natural, like a large boil on the skin of the earth, ready to burst and pus onto the surrounding countryside. 

According to Yahoo Homes:

The home was designed in 1976 by architect William Nicholson, who achieved its multiple domes by inflating special aeronautical balloons, building frames around them from rebar and mesh, then spraying on concrete, or shotcrete.

While I don't love the colors of the home's exterior, I do really dig the shape. But it's not really surprising that the neighbors don't love it. The sales site for the home describes the other homes in the area as "extravagant, beautiful, and tucked away in the twists and turns of the hills," which I take to mean "the other homeowners in the area are very rich and stuffy, and their houses do not look like Dr. Seuss's fever dreams."

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