"My name is Khaleesi, and I will win this game of thrones."

The real way to tell if a television show, movie or book has truly wormed its way into our culture is not to monitor online discussion or catalogue late night talk show guests. If you really want to know which pieces of art are making an impression on the public, pay attention to what people are naming their babies. And, apparently, we are in for an influx of little Westerosi children in the coming years:

What a bunch of weird names— er, I mean, great names for your child.

This is all based upon data from BabyCenter.com, measuring how often a particular name is used per one million babies born. There's not information for 2014 for all these names, so sometimes it comes from 2013 or 2012 (notated with an *). And the numbers seem to have already started shifting a bit since I compiled this data, but this is still a pretty decent snapshot. Also, names that are popular outside of the Song of Ice and Fire universe—like Jaime, Jon and The Mountain That Rides—were excluded from this list, since there's no way to tell which ones belong to nerd babies and which ones don't.

Sources: Baby Center