"I'm also looking for friendship with someone taller, blonder and more muscular than I."

With all the plotting, torturing, and murdering going on in Game of Thrones, it's hard for most of the characters to find time to date. Add that to the fact that the dating options are pretty much limited to whomever isn't trying to kill you at the moment, such as women you stumble upon on a battlefield or married to their dads in the woods, and it's no wonder that everyone in Westeros is so cranky. Maybe if OKCupid existed in this world, there'd be fewer wars because everyone would be getting it on like Podrick Payne at a prostitute's convention. That's exactly what the folks over at Team Pwnicorn decided to give your favorite characters, so they can find exactly what they're looking for (hint: it's a quickie on the Iron Throne).

The disclaimer on the Kings Landing Alchemy ad is only slightly scarier than our drug ads.

"Please, no older men who will follow me to the ends of the earth. I have enough already."


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