Help. We might soon run out of Game of Thrones characters to argue are still alive, and season six doesn't start for a year.

What have you been up to?

[Believe it or not, there are spoilers in this post. Like, a lot of them. And really big ones too.]

We wondered if Jon Snow was dead. We wondered if Jon Snow was alive. We wondered how much pressure Kit Harrington is under to keep his beautiful mouth shut. And now we're moving on.

Yesterday, the Internet debated whether Meera might be Jon Snow's twin sister. That excitingly kept our minds occupied for an entire day. And now, inevitably, the time has come to chat about Stannis.

In the last season finale, it seemed like Stannis died. Brienne wanted to kill Stannis, and then she stood above him with a sword, and then she swung it. But the show cut away before we saw what happened, and it's not like Game of Thrones tries to spare fragile viewers from seeing any heads bouncing off. A character dying off-screen is a huge red flag, like when a date shows you your dead dad's head on a stick.

Sources: h/t Entertainment Weekly