From what I gather, Game Of Thrones is a show set in the Middle Ages where people with confusing names kill each other so often that you can't get invested in any of the characters. And winter is coming. I haven't watched a single episode because I am stubborn, but even I have heard of Hodor, the endearing, dopey character who seems to be inspired by Steinbeck's character Lenny in Of Mice And Men. And while you'd be hard-pressed to sit me down and force me to watch a bunch of pet dragons, uh, fight each other (?), you better believe I watched the hell out of actor Kristian Nairn's audition tape for the role of Hodor.

Does Hodor lift a bunch of stuff in the show? Don't tell me, because I literally don't want to know anything about this drawn-out oaf bloodbath excuse for a book series and television series. What I do know, from watching this audition tape, is that Nairn is so good at lifting stuff, which is probably why he got the role. He lifts a table, a wooden well, and yes, even an elementary-school aged child in this audition. Plus, he lumbers. This audition tape might be better than all of George R.R. Martin's books and HBO's episodes combined. Maybe I'll watch it on loop for two days and 11 hours, which is how long BingeClock says it would take me to watch the entire Game Of Thrones series. I bet I will find some amazing Easter eggs if I do.


Anyway, whatever, I'm sure the show is fine but please just watch this video:

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