If saying Martin is our bitch will get Neil Gaiman to visit...George R.R. Martin is our bitch.


Comedy-song-persons duo Paul and Storm  opened up w00tstock this weekend  at the San Diego Comic Con, which must have been pretty cool for them, since they're a nerd-comedy band opening up a nerd-concert-event-thing in the middle of the biggest nerd convention on the planet. As if that wasn't recursively dorky enough, they got a special guest appearance by nerd auteurs George R.R. Martin and Neil Gaiman. 

Martin walked onstage as the two performed their hit song, Write Like The Wind, which is about how slowly Martin writes his books and how the "great bearded glacier" needs to speed things up a little for book and TV fans alike. Martin, who is apparently unaware that belts do not only exist in fantasy fiction, makes a classic "I'm not an actor and I'm having a lot of fun doing something staged" attack on the duo, smashing their guitar. The band later confirmed the guitar was a Stark model.

Following this outburst by The Mountain That Writes, fans were greeted to perhaps an even bigger star in the firmament of literary geekery, Neil Gaiman. Gaiman made internet waves a few years by responding to a fan who had expressed frustration with Martin's writing speed, saying "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch."

Which is why he made Paul and Storm say that George R.R. Martin was not their bitch. It's not the most creative comedy bit ever, but the execution is really good. Especially for a bunch of dweebs.

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